Mikey Block Product Line
Mikey Block is the result of optimizing the best value in insulation, strength and ease of construction. It goes together with OSB splines (included) on both sides, which provides attachment details on the outside and inside of the wall. The outside attachment detail can be used for lathe when stuccoing or for wood or metal siding.
Item Picture Description
Mikey Block Stretcher R-28. Dimensions: 12" high x 4' long x 10.5" wide.
Mikey Block Corner R-28. 10.5" wide x 12" high. One leg is 2', other is 3'. 5 sq. ft. total. Used for both inside and outside corners.
Foam Bucks 10.5" wide x 8' long in 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" thicknesses. Used for closing window and door openings.
Wet Set Block Our Wet Set block is typically set into a just-poured footing for a very quick and easily leveled stem wall. Each block has a 2-inch layer of cementitious on both sides and is 9.5 inches wide. As an added bonus, this stay-in-place insulated form for pouring the slab has an R value of 18.

Wet-Sets can also be used for patio walls. Just add paint or stucco.

Dimensions: 9.5" x 12" x 48"

Wet Set Corner Combination of one long outside and one short outside wet set corner element: 6 sq. ft. total.
Pour Thru Wet Set Block Used to provide an insulated slab for a traditional framed structure. R18. Dimensions: 9.5" x 12" x 48"
Olski Fully engineered ledger hanger. Can be used with two carriage bolts for wood ledgers or three #14 self-tapping screws for steel ledgers. Typically placed every two feet for bearing walls and every four feet for rake walls.
Schnorkie Holds two rebars at the desired spacing, while supporting them three inches up from the bottom of the footing. Spacing is nine inches for a 3-bar, 24 inch wide footing, 14 inches for a 2-bar, 20-inch wide footing, or your specification. Place one approximately every four feet.
Case of Glue   Not "Good Stuff." This is the really good stuff. 12 cans.
Pageris Glue Gun A very nice piece. Always leave a can of glue attached to it.
Wind-lock ICF Kit Includes Hot Knife, six different blades, and sled.
Creatherm Radiant Floor Panels

Cut the time involved installing a radiant floor heating system -just lay these panels down and "walk your pex tubing into position", locking it into place. The EPS panels provide insulation preventing downward heat loss.