Brick Barrel Oven

Kit. Includes side wall and top material, adhesive and applicator for assembly, 3 5/8 in track at bottom, eps form for oven.

Footprint is 40 in x 50 in. Top is 48 x 62 in. Height is 39 in. Base and top weigh approx 700 #'s. Assembles in about 3 hours. Can be built on existing slabs without foundation, because it is so light. We built this sample on some steel studs for ability to move around. Oven forms can be 45, 40.5, or 36 inches deep.

Eps forms only
28 wide x 21 in high x 45 in long Fob Tucson
24 wide x 21 in high x 45 long Fob Tucson

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